Welcome to the re-vamped OK Computer website

Submitted by Mike Birch on 16 November 2005 - 8:24am.

We're pleased to launch a completely overhauled site. We hope you enjoy it!

Extra features for clients

OK Computer clients can login to the site on the home page or at www.okcomputer.co.nz/user. By logging in, clients will have access to their personal information and specific information that is not available to the public. They can even reply to their invitation to our Christmas party.

Building a community

Anyone can subscribe/unsubscribe to our e-mail newsletter, Eureka, which is packed full with useful news, tips and advice.

You can easily add your comments to this site, where ever you see the "add comment" link. If you have any suggestions, opinions, praise or criticism to contribute, please submit a comment - we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Does your website work on all modern browsers?

Submitted by Mike Birch on 5 November 2005 - 2:27pm.

Firefox and Safari are becoming more popular

Some web developers create sites that only work properly on Microsoft Internet Explorer. This browser used to have over 95% market share. Nowadays, Firefox, Safari and other standards compliant browsers have made significant inroads into the browser market. Web developers that create sites that don't work in a range of browsers will probably annoy a significant percentage of viewers.

Read more on the BBC website:
"Firefox is proving popular because, at the moment, it has far fewer security holes than Internet Explorer and has some innovations lacking in Microsoft's program."

How does this site perform?

Of course, we've designed (and tested) this site for a range of browsers, including:

On Windows, PC: